Beginning an online journal

When I originally imagined creating my art into a brand, I thought it would be interesting to provide an inside look into the creative process to you all. But, the truth is, that idea of a journal fell out of my thoughts quickly with the realization that I am not the typical "writer" type. I have a science background and do my best work visually.

I was recently reading a book called Handmade Marketplace that I picked up at Downtown Books, a used bookstore in Ashville, North Carolina.

The author, Kari Chapin, encouraged makers to open up their creative processes to their audiences, in any way they see fit. Which, led me here.

So this is the beginning of an online journal, a peek into the making of Sayornis Jewelry form struggles, to successes, to how I manage having a company while still in school. It will emphasize the visual and I will work on my descriptions and writings as it evolves. I will try to be as honest and open with you all as I try to be with myself when creating and managing this endeavor.